The creation of assumptions of sustainable development of tourism in Kupres municipality

Despite the overall efforts of all relevant economic, social and political subjects and Kupres municipality to make tourism one of the strategic branches of economy, unfortunately, we in Kupres cannot be satisfied. A great number of accomodation units is unused, so there is not expected income from guests in hotels, coffee bars and restaurants. Attivo Association, with this particular project, tried to inspire and strengthen sustainable development of rural tourism of Kupres municipality.

Specific objectives: Promotion of natural features, gastronimic offer and cultural-historical heritage, so that touristic offer could become more attractive to the potential tourists. With this project, we did series of extensive activities in order to promote sustainable development of tourism of Kupres municipality.

We generally redesigned our web site.

Our previously made guide, we translated into English and German and we did promotion on our web site and anticipated printing of 100 copies in 2 languages.

Taking into consideration that Kupres is already established as a winter destination, this project put the focus of the promotion of natural characteristics to natural characteristics during summer. We have put efforts to offer features:

  • Walk or Nordic walking along beautiful Kupres' landscapes with the possibility of picking Medicinal herbs and berries. We presented the maps of walkways, photos of Medicinal herbs, that were done by our prominent professors, Nezir Tanović and Ahmedin Salčinović
  • Mounting biking, we offered 7 bike trails, 223 km length in total, to our tourists, with a detailed description of routes and tourist facilities. We also informed guests that there also exist bike rides organised by Adria Ski.
  • Horse riding
  • Hunting and fishing
  • The Mowing Day in Kupres

In addition to the above, we indicated the possibility to enjoy in:

  • moto-cross
  • paragliding

We have also promoted our:

  • Accomodation capacities, restaurants, catering
  • Gastronomic offer of tourist destination of Kupres
  • Our producers of homemade products and handicrafts using special presentation of fair that were held and using photo gallery

This project was realized with the support of SST, Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism.