Summer tourism

Days of Mowing- '' Strljanica''

Days of Mowing is traditional cultural, agricultural, sport and tourist manifestation in Kupres, among people known as '' Strljanica''. It is held every year on Kupres field, in the beginning of July, more precisely on first Sunday in July. Days of Mowing was inspiration for famous artist Šime Strikoman, who took famous Millenium photography ' Haymakers'


Walks, picking of Medicinal herbs and berries

Kupres, among its beautiful landscapes, is rich in numerous walkways, built in the age of Romans, to the newer ones. A guest or visitor during his visit to Kupres, whenever he wants to walk, no matter of direction, it can do that with a great pleasure, it can be said on all four sides of the world. While walking, you can enjoy in natural beauties, fresh air, but also in picking Medicinal herbs and berries. If you decide to stay in Kupres, from late April until late October, you will get the chance to walk on beautiful natural landscapes and enjoy in picking diverse and precious Medicinal herbs and berries. Respected and reputable professors Nezir Tanović and dr. Ahmedin Salčinović visited Kupres, in response to an invitation of the Association Attivo, and made an insight into identification and quantification of Medicinal herbs. Please take a look at our travel guide, chapter 2.3-medicinal herbs so that you can see which of the Medicinal herbs and berries you can observe and pick during the walks on the trails of Kupres, as well as our photo gallery. Kupres walkways