Other activities

Economic delegation of Albania in Kupres, invited by Attivo Association

On 26 May 2012 economic delegation of Albania was in Kupres, invited by Attivo Association. In the Embassy of Republic Albania in Sarajevo '' Days of tourism and agrobusiness Albania-Bosnia and Herzegovina'' were opened yesterday. Ambassador of Albania in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Flamur Gashi stated that economic co-operation between the two countries is not at the satisfying level, but it is improving and there are many possibilities to improve economic, tourist and cultural relations between Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Economic delegation of Albania included representatives of companies dealing with agriculture, tour operators and media representatives, representatives of ministries- they all participated in three-day manifestation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During their visit, as ambassador said, they would be introduced with resources and potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the areas of agrobusiness and tourism.

This manifestation is organised by Embassy of Republic Albania in Bosnia and Herzegovina in co-operation with Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Fedaral Ministry of Agriculture, Water management and Forestry, Chamber of Foreign Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Chamber of Commerce of Federation of Bosnia and Herzeegovina. Economic delegation of Albania visited Kupres, where their hosts were representatives of Attivo Association. After meeting and introducing each other, the topic of conversation was possible forms of business co-operation.

Seventh congress of women enterpreneuers at Adriatic-Ionian region, Tirana 15 October 2012

Invited by AIC, Mrs. Ružica Ćurković participated at 7th congress of women enterpreneuers, which was held in Tirana. Mrs. Ćurković gave speech at the congress and introduced participants with new project of Attivo Association Kupres: Days of Tourism 2012: International conferenceTourism and Rural Development; Traditional domestic products fair.

After presenting programme of the manifestation, Mrs.Ružica Ćurković invited participants of the congress to visit Kupres on 30 November 2012.

Visit of Czech tour operators to tourist destination Kupres

In organisation of Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Chamber of Foreign Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association of tourist agencies and tour operators from Czech Republic visited Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a part of their visit they were invited by Attivo Association to visit Kupres and invitiation was accepted so they have spent some time in Kupres.