About us


Organisation background

ATTIVO Association is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit and independent organization, which is based on the principles of tolerance, equality and cooperation in strategic areas to protect human rights, especially rights of women and socially vulnerable groups. Association encourages and supports active participation of citizens, local civic initiatives and local government in building democracy and rule of law, as well as business and agrotourism,which will contribute of employment and survival in our region.The association is a legal entity and is registered in the register of the competent state authorities.
The Association is active in the Federation BiH, and consists of members from different municipalities in the Federation BiH.(Citluk, Bugojno,Gornji Vakuf  - Uskoplje, Kupres). Association represents the President or, in case of his absence, some member of the Executive Committee, authorized by the President.
It is not not permitted any racial, ethnic, religious and political discrimination or violation of freedoms and rights of man and citizen.


  • We will promote entrepreneurship, the development of traditional products, in particular, bio production.
  • We want to create a presumption to our tourists to reside on our farm, in our gastronomy and tourist facilities and in beautiful natural landscapes in the summer and winter.
  • We want to promote the development of democracy and equal inclusion of women in all spheres of life.We will generate conditions through professional education and training of women and to encourage them to take up an equal place in the Society.We will promote greater concern for the health and social protection of women.
  • We will advocate for our youth, in order to ensure an adequate education and acceptance in our community after the education and training.
  • We will be committed to make the general public aware of EU standards in the field of democracy, the realization of human rights, legislation, the field of manufacturing and services, etc.


With our team of entrepreneurs and consultants we want to be:

  • representative organization, expanding membership to small businesses, farms, gastronomy and tourism organizations,small and medium-sized businesses, supporting existing economic entities, but also open to new companies,
  • organization that on the principles of tolerance, equality and protection of human rights contribute to the overall prosperity of the community with a stronger representation of youth and women in all walks of life and work.
  • self-sustaining organization: by providing services, through project activities, and membership fees and donations.